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HYBRID Road Bike

New design:
A hybrid is – a mix of a road bike and a mountain bike. The result is a bicycle that's suitable for general-purpose riding over various types of terrain, which is why most hybrids tend to be used for everyday use.


(Trekking) rides, weekend trips and touring by ebike are more popular than ever. Our 2023 trekker has been developed as the perfect fit for these trips, the ideal multi use eBike for everyone.


Electric mountain bikes are built for riding off-road on designated trails. These bikes have all the technology and parts of traditional mountain bikes, but they also have a motor and battery designed specifically to help you tackle tough, mountainous terrain.


There's no doubt that fat tire e-bikes are comfortable, which is probably their greatest advantage. They make fat tires of elastic rubber with low pressure and high shock absorption. With this, you get more suspension and comfort while traveling on different terrains

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