Recent studies indicate that hotels providing eBike hire are attracting more travellers!

hotels renting ebikes are pedalling to success

We provide a new solution to help you attract more guests, increase revenue and enhance your hotel’s Green Credentials, by providing eBikes for your guests to enjoy during their stay. 

eBike rentals opens up a hassle-free and profitable additional revenue stream for your hotel, making it a win-win situation for both your guests and your hotel.

By leveraging public awareness of *sustainability initiatives * our vision is to see hotel eBike rentals becoming a fully established guest amenity for a healthier environment.

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Boost Your HOTEL'S Green Credentials


Whether your guests are nature enthusiasts,  adventure seekers, or just leisurely travellers, renting our eBikes will enhance their stay, offering convenience, flexibility, and an unforgettable experience.

stay ahead of other hotels

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We are proud to be part of simply ebikes
As an investor and Chairman of Simply eBikes I am pleased to engage with key decision makers in the hotel industry, including both hotel groups and independents . I'm passionate about sustainability, & eager to initiate conversations about the significant environmental and commercial advantages that eBike rentals offer.
Jeff Green
Since 2019, our eBike rental business has used Simply eBikes . Their style, quality, and companies vision impressed us, leading to us overseeing the maintenance and servicing. We organize exclusive demo days, tailored for hotel group clients, from our base in Rye, East Sussex,
Martin Summers

management team

Our mission is to make a positive social impact, within hospitality


Paul Kennard


Lives in Spain: Entrepreneur, Manufacturer, eBike Developer 

Aaron Bhatha

Joint CEO

Lives in London: UK Marketing and Sales, Global Networking.

Jeff Green


Lives in London. Investment Banking, Financial Services

Nic Rixon

Business & Financial Consultant

Lives in Claygate UK & Madrid Spain

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Simply ebikes?

We are a diverse and passionate team of entrepreneurs, technologists and finance professionals with a vision to empower the hospitality industry with eBikes leasing solutions to elevate guests' experience and to do our bit in the race to net zero!

The benefits for your hotel & THE ENVIOURNMENT ?

The hospitality industry core mission is to delight their customers. With Simply eBikes, professionals can revitalise their offering and greatly benefit by: 1. Elevating guest experience to another level, and potentially extend their stay. 2 .Generating new revenue streams with no additional efforts required. 3. Joining the green revolution to make together a positive impact on the planet! We have many more advantages we would be delighted to share. Let’s talk!

How does ebike leasing work?

1. Choose your style and number of eBikes. 2. Sign your lease agreement (1year). 3. Pay a refundable deposit £200 per eBike to confirm order. 4. We assemble your eBikes in our Spanish factory. 5. We deliver your eBikes (ready to go) in 5 / 6 weeks from confirmation of order. We have recently introduced a test and trial of just 2 eBikes for the Autumn of 2023: Contact us for more details.

why using simply ebikes means by peace of mind?

We remove frictions so you can now operate your new fleet of eBikes - hassle-free. Simply eBikes handle everything from eBike maintenance, repairs, servicing, including insurance. We also include one helmet and one Gold Sold Secure lock per bike..

why choose simply ebikes?

Our unique offering differentiates us in the hospitality industry. Hospitality professionals can quickly monetize and stand out with our revolutionary model. Just like WIFI in hotels, our solution accelerates competition, giving you a cutting-edge advantage. Our expert team brings diverse backgrounds in micro mobility, manufacturing, wholesale, and eBike rentals. This collective talent ensures our venture's success, navigating the industry with confidence and delivering exceptional results. With 30+ years of eBike development experience, we meticulously select and customize every part to our state-of-the-art assembly plant in Spain, we ensure the highest manufacturing standards for certified eBikes. Our Spanish facility delivers eBikes within five weeks (if not in stock), reducing our carbon footprint and prioritizing sustainability while providing efficient and timely service. Our own team is closely integrated within the factory for quality control, packaging, and seamless delivery. Exceptional customer service is our top priority, going above and beyond to meet and exceed customer expectations. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff provide seamless support, ensuring a great customer experience.

will we make money?

Absolutely yes. Your breakeven point is just 4 1/2 days guest rental per month. We calculate an average 50% uptake for the hotel, yielding a profit after lease cost of at least £5000 per annum per eBike! See the examples Below:

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