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What is 7+4?

We lease eBikes giving hotels & leisure parks the opportunity to deliver a new customer service with an additional revenue stream!

The Benefits of eBike Rentals

Tourists are now much more likely to choose eco-friendly hotels that offer the option of renting an eBike rather than having to rely on taxis, seek outside cycle hire services, car rentals or the worry of parking cars during their stay.

Add a new attraction with your own stylish eBikes always readily available for your guests

eBikes help to encourage your hotel guests to explore more of your local area using a healthy & greener form of transport, helping to protect our envionment

eBikes help to increase interaction with your hotel and staff plus giving your business an additional revenue stream & an endorsement of your... Green Credentials

High Return on Investment

How it Works

Once we have received your lease agreement your order will enter into our production schedule, the eBikes are assembled, tested and packed by us before delivery to you, four  to six weeks from confirmation of your order .

Your eBikes have a full repair & maintainance service for the duration of your lease

Read, Sign your Lease & Order

Your lease agreement, & order form can be viewed



We assemble

Our eBikes are on a permanent production line in Spain so we usually assemble your eBikes within 2 working weeks!

We deliver

 Once we have delivered  your eBikes we will demonstrate just how easy they are to use! 

You can begin renting to your guests

You are now ready to offer a new  eBike rental service to attract more guests.


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